Wilderness Festival 2016

Saturday Night Spectacle: Cirque Bijou
Music by diana yukawa & Martha Tilston

Wilderness Festival 2016 : Diana Yukawa in the spectacular light up dress.

“We gathered in our thousands at your feet Cirque Bijou. In silence, we sat disarmed. You shone. Poised and flaming.”

The Saturday Night Spectacle was a true collaboration. A year in the planning, months in the making, involving hundreds of people, over 90 volunteers, seven pieces of music, one bicycle and absolutely no harnesses.

Over ten thousand of you gathered, sitting on the grass beneath the performers as they tiptoed across the flaming high wires.

Bristol-based Cirque Bijou directed the show, with their Umbrella Project uniting 90 upbeat Wilderness volunteers who rehearsed from Wednesday to appear with illuminated LED controlled umbrellas. The ethereal glowing characters you saw were the ‘Optioscopes’ – created by the Divine Company.

The high wire performers; Jade Kindar-Martin, Karine Mauffrey, Chris and Phoebe Bullzini are in fact two couples – both of whom got married on a tightrope. While Satya Martin – Jade’s brother – controls the firewire.

The breath-taking music was performed by virtuoso violinist Diana Yukawa and the incredible folk singer Martha Tilston, and London Contemporary Voices Choir. All works were composed by Diana Yukawa and Martha Tilston with percussion by Mike Fergie. A list of the songs is below.

Billy Alwen is the creative Director of Cirque Bijou.

“Wilderness Festival has a really important place in the creation of large outdoor work in the UK, as the creative team were willing to take a risk with a truly ambitious project that had not been attempted in the UK or in fact in the world before. The show took place across two high wires stretching 90M with one of them on fire, and included 90 volunteers. Without support from commissioners to make new and exciting work, boundaries won’t be broken and risks wont be taken.

As a result of the collaboration between Bijou and Wilderness, we were able to bring in one of the best high wire walkers and aerialists in the world to work with an exciting UK high wire team the Bulzinis and four musicians. Jade Kindar-Martin’s work on the fire wire is truly ground breaking and it was great to be able to bring his artistry to a UK audience.”

Huge thanks to all who were involved. We’ve already started planning about next year’s show…


Diana Yukawa:
In My Hand

Martha Tilston:
Never Be

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