Phosphenes: by mātu


mātu: The debut Album
diana yukawa | John Rushton

Phosphenes is the new album by mātu, released on the Ultraphonic label.

Industry release: 30th January 2017
Public release: 24th February 2017

mātu is creative duo, Diana Yukawa, violinist/composer and John Rushton producer/composer.

mātu  - John Rushton and Diana Yukawa

mātu - John Rushton and Diana Yukawa

Diana and John collectively have over 40 years experience and play to their individual creative talents and experience. mātu craft powerful soundtracks that blend emotive keys and strings, fused in an electronic, classical ether.

The duo’s output is focused towards enhancing and enriching narratives for film, television, commercials, video games and special events - from minimal, ambient acoustic to full orchestra recording.